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Help your leaders lead … with keynotes that inspire and inform

The leaders in your organization need to lead to create high-performance teams. They need insight on real-world communication, leadership, and teambuilding strategies. And they need actionable tactics.

Look to Christie Ward, CSP, an internationally acclaimed leadership and communication expert. Renowned for her high-content, engaging, and highly customized keynotes, Christie brings a sterling reputation and decades of experience. For leaders at all levels, Christie shares strategies for crystal-clear communication to create high-performance teams. For supervisors and managers, Christie takes the mystery out of managing people by teaching effective, real-world communication, leadership, and teambuilding skills.

Christie Ward’s most-requested keynote presentations follow. In addition, we invite you to contact Christie to discuss a specific leadership or communication topic to meet your group’s needs.

Creating Lasting Impact!™

It’s virtually guaranteed. At some point in your career as a supervisor, manager, director, or C-level leader, you are called upon to share a presentation that not only informs but also persuades. In this keynote presentation, Christie Ward, CSP shares a unique presentation approach that is authentic, engaging, and winning – the same approach she used when she personally coached the World Champion of Public Speaking.

Key take-aways:

  • Deliver memorable presentations that linger in the minds of your audience
  • Learn how to use your story to make your points – and make them stick
  • Learn how to engage, entice, and entertain any group

The New Rules for the People Side of the Business – Survive and Thrive in the Multicultural, Multi-generational workplace

You’ve probably attended Diversity initiatives to explore respect for differences and Cultural and Global awareness seminars. Now we will show you the reality of how to deal with the real communication issues of our time. What is authenticity? How can I be truthful with a co-worker when it might hurt them? How can I say “NO” to my boss or a person in authority and have my intentions understood? How can I handle a sarcastic comment from a coworker, or a team-mate who steals the credit, then undermines me? What can I do to create balance in my life when I am feeling overwhelmed and can’t even leave work on time? This program answers these and many other questions with humor and insight.

Key take-aways:

  • Learn realistic multi-generational perspectives on today’s tough communication issues.
  • Discover how to deliver sensitive feedback without creating defensiveness.
  • Gain some balance and lighten up through laughter, stories and sharing.

Affecting Positive Change: Create a Workplace that Works for Everyone™

Uplifting yet down-to-earth, Christie Ward, CSP brings her real-world experience and fresh perspective to inspire managers, supervisors, and individual contributors to create a better work environment. Attendees leave with a clear understanding of why they are responsible for creating a better workplace – and the tools and motivation to do so.

Key take-aways:

  • Amidst the chaos of change, learn how to draw upon the resources you have (you have more than you may realize!)
  • Learn how to influence in every situation, whether or not you have authority
  • Hear new ideas and leave with multiple tactics to simplify your life and work

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