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Teams have tough issues. Do you need a fearless facilitator?

Open communication, critical thinking, and listening skills – so-called “soft skills” – are vital tools for every individual, in every team. Plus, effective leadership, teambuilding, and strategicthinking skills – also considered “soft skills” – are critical for supervisors and managers who need to forge high-performance teams that get the job done.

Christie Ward, CSP attests that we earn our jobs based on our technical skills. But we retain (or lose) our jobs based on our communication, leadership, and other “soft skills.” Christie’s communication, leadership, and teambuilding workshops and trainings have been in high demand – and have been delivering results – since 1999.

Thanks to her fearless, consultative approach, Christie is able to tackle your team’s toughest issues. Her confident, relaxed, and engaging style gets teams to open up. Together, the team uncovers the real issues, openly discusses problems, and resolves conflicts. In addition, she teaches actual skills with real-world examples and a high degree of interactivity. With Christie’s facilitation, the team – as a whole – moves forward. When she leaves, the team is stronger, more effective, and cohesive.

How to use Christie to tackle the tough issues, energize your team, and lead them

  1. Book Christie to deliver one of her popular, impactful programs to kick off your staff retreat, half-day workshop, or full-day seminar.
  2. Engage Christie for a customized program for a more effective team. Christie can conduct a deep diagnosis of your team, facilitate open and honest discussions, root out the issues (real and perceived), facilitate as the team resolves the issues, create individual coaching plans, and shift the culture of how people work together.
  3. Be proactive! Ask Christie to present one of her popular programs, so your team members can hone their communication skills – and you can build a stronger team. (Don’t wait until there’s a conflict or lawsuit.)
  4. Hire Christie to lead and direct your strategic planning session, so you can participate with the group.

Christie Ward’s workshops, trainings, and seminar topics – fully customized to tackle your toughest challenges

  • How to Fix Your Workplace Relationships™
  • How to Fix Your Boss When You Can’t Afford to Leave – How to Fix Your Employees When You Can’t Afford to Lose Them!™
  • Affecting Positive Change: How to Fix Things When You Are Short on Resources and Have to Do More with Less™
  • Coping with Uncertainty
  • How Do You Think – Seriously? Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional
  • Accelerated Learning Workshop
  • The Informal Leader
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Moving Up to Manager
  • Enhance and Personalize the Customer Experience
  • Managing Work Expectations and Transforming Attitudes
  • Your unique Listening Approach and how to leverage it
  • Team Dimensions – What Role Do You Play?
  • Conflict Management: Getting to Win-Win
  • Making Meetings Work
  • Life Balance for Today’s Professional
  • Time Mastery
  • Streamline, Simplify and Be Strategic
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Coaching for Results
  • Performance Management for Supervisors
  • Create your Personal Brand!
  • Professional Presence – Etiquette in the Workplace
  • Discovering Diversity
  • Optimism and Negativity at Work
  • Interview and Hire for Fit
  • Present for Impact!
  • How to Motivate Your Workforce
  • Communication is a 2-way Street!
  • Authentic Communication
  • 9 Strategies to Shift any Attitude!
  • Making Frontline Managers Exceptional
  • Decisions & Solutions
  • Behavioral Interviewing Skills
  • Your unique topic to meet your specific needs!
  • Building Resilience
  • How to Find, Hire and Keep the right people!
  • Emotional Intelligence made Simple
  • How Can I Lead when I have no Staff!
  • Rewards, Recognition and Common Sense

Ask about our train-the-trainer program

Christie Ward and The Impact Institute offer train-the-trainer programs, so you can train your managers and teams, using your own staff. We can lead highly customized workshops on “How to’s for Trainers” and “The Basics of Accelerated Learning,” coupled with facilitator kits and job aids for a variety of leadership, communication, and presentation topics. The goal, of course, is to improve your organization’s communication and leadership skills – and improve productivity!

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